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Cold Brew Travel Bottle

  • This elegant cold brew travel bottle is the quickest way to grab your caffeine on the run. Just fill the metal filter with ground coffee, add water, and let the coffee brew in your fridge for 12 - 24 hours.

    The resulting cold brew is sweet, delicious and has 65% less acidity than a hot brewed cup of coffee. True confessions: we’ve left the bottle in the fridge for several days, and the resulting coffee was amazing! Strong enough to fuel an all-day business meeting! 

    The glass bottle looks great and produces about 16 oz. of true cold brew coffee: no bitterness, just smooth caffeine to go. If you get jittery about glass bottles, use the neoprene sleeve to protect against the bumps and jostles of travel.

    • 20 oz. borosilicate glass coffee bottle
    • Stainless steel filter
    • Black neoprene sleeve with carrying handle
    • Removable, double layer micro-filter built into the base
    • BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe
    1. Simply fill the coffee filter with 4 tablespoons of coffee
    2. Fill the water 1.5 inches from the top
    3. Store in the fridge for 12 hours and shake during the brewing process
    4. You can add a little water and milk after brewing

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