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The Incredible Reagan-Bush Duo: 1981-1989

Many Americans look back fondly on the Reagan-Bush era as one of the greatest modern-day POTUS and VP duos in our country. Their time together in office from 1981-1989 brought a lot of positive changes for America, and set up George H.W. Bush for tremendous success in winning the Presidential election and serving as President from 1989-1993.

Our newest Republican Coffee roasts, the Reagan-Bush Roast and the Reagan Roast, evoke warm sentiments and remind us of a simpler, more enjoyable season in our nation. A time before social media, cell phones, digital technology, when people still sat around the dinner table together, took time to watch the evening news and read the daily paper. When parents could let their kids run amuck through the neighborhood with their friends as long as they were home in time before either 1) the sun went down, or 2) it was time for dinner. It was a season where fears were quelled and dreams flew high with possibility as the economy improved, job opportunities increased and our nation began feeling more secure again.

Here are some highlights to relish from that wonderful era in our nation’s history….

  • The defeat of communism. One of Reagan’s most famous lines, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” brought the beginning of the end of the Cold War, the actual tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and the Soviet Union.
  • The now-famous phrase for economics during this era brought about reduced business regulation, reduced government spending and tax cuts in hopes that the economy would be stimulated enough to bring about more security, allow more jobs to open up and to bring about more spending from the American people. All of the above happened and more, when the economy had its biggest improvement in decades under Reagan and Bush. The Economic Recovery Act of 1981 was a significant part of Reaganomics as well, significantly decreasing federal income tax rates.
  • Extension of The Voting Rights Act of 1965. President LBJ passed this law in 1965 to overcome legal barriers that prevented African Americans from having the same right to vote at the state and local level as a result of the 15th Amendment in 1870. Reagan extended this for another 25 years while in office.
  • The Reagan Doctrine was formed, supporting anti-communist rebel groups fighting against the USSR in countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia and Nicaragua
  • The “Just Say No” and “DARE” campaigns. Reagan took the United States “War on Drugs” to a new level, encouraging kids to stay away from using drugs and underage drinking, with First Lady Nancy Reagan traveling the country as one of the most prominent faces of the campaign. The stakes for illegally using drugs increased as well during this time, as Reagan passed laws to implement mandatory minimum penalties

What are your favorite accomplishments of the Reagan-Bush duo? Grab a cup of our newest roast and take a few moments to reminisce on this great era in our nation’s history.

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