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Wake Up, America!

Do you remember what it felt like to be proud of America?

I grew up in the 80’s, when optimism was the order of the day. The country was growing, our parents were happy, and we finally had the kind of president we could look up to. We loved Ronald Reagan for his down-to-earth way of making the complex simple and the unknown less fearful.

I miss those days, don’t you?

One of the greatest political commercials ever made was Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America. Technically it’s called “Prouder, Stronger, Better” but it was universally referred to as Morning in America because of its opening line.

That optimism and sense of innovation and progress is what we long for today. We can focus on the problems -- and there are many -- or we can focus on what we can do to band together and move our country forward.

We have a voice. We have each other. We have a great country.

And yes, we have a great coffee….

It’s time to wake up, America!

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